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Trend NOW for iPad

If you have used iPhone and iPod, please install and enjoy this appliaction “Trend NOW!“.

This application automatically collect hot topics being twittered about in NOW.
Using Google Trends as search keywords, it automatically collect and display Tweets.
It can pick up words that are spoken at this moment in real time.

If you carry around this application, you can fell the amazing speed of information.
You can collect information within these several minutes, that’s not yet flowing on news or that you can’t find on internet search.

*Account of Twitter is not required.

Trend NOW for iPad Trend NOW for iPad Trend NOW for iPad Trend NOW for iPad

  • You can also set up any keywords for search freely or register Lists on Twitter.
    It can display only topics of your interest or Tweets by specified persons.
  • You can check about keyword spike in NOW immediately on Google, Wikipedia and Twitter with embedded browsers.
  • You can play audio from playlist on your iPhone/iPad as BGM.
  • You can chose any background image from images on your iPhone/iPad.
  • You can prevent the display of spam Tweets with NG account function.
  • You can use Twitter by login with embedded browser if you have Twitter account.

*It dose not function normally unless internet connection.

We would like to review from you!
We refer your reviews for version upglade.

Trend NOW for iPad Trend NOW for iPad
Categories: Social Networking

Search keyword – Trend NOW! manual 3

When you tap the search keyword of the comment frame, a pop-up window opens.

Search keyword

[Search on Twitter with THIS keyword now.]
This aims to search only this keyword on Twitter.
[Google Search]
[Google news Search]
[Wikipedia Search]
[Twitter Search]
You can do a search with this keyword on each site.
Tapping a button, the web browser opens.

Part of setup key – Trend NOW! manual 2

We explain the setup key one by one.
There are Keyword setting, Setup of this application, Background music, Background image and Web

1. Keyword setting

You can set the search keyword in detail.

Keyword setting

This is composed of three categories; Trend NOW!, List your choice and Lists on Twitter.

[Trend NOW!]
The top 20 fastest-rising search keywords of google.
Using them, you can see what become topics of conversation just now.
[List your choice]
You can list some keywords for the search as you like.
This is useful to see specific news or your friend’s tweets. For your own hobby, too.
[Lists on Twitter]
Using your list on Twitter, you can see only tweet of specific users.
2. Setup of this application

This is composed of four categories; WEB top page, View, Sound and System.

details of setup keyCategory with a plus (+), the performance improves by switching on.

Category with a minus (-), the performance falls by switching off.

WEB top page

You can set your start page in the web browser.

[+Continue browsing on last page]
Switching it on, a last page is displayed in the browser.


You can choose tall (portrait) or wide (landscape) view.
[-comment twitty]
The tweet of the comment frame is slowly displayed.
[–display icon]
You can choose whether to display the profile image of Twitter.
[+Pause comments when opening a window]
While a pop-up window opens, the flow of tweets pause.
[-Allow widows animation]
You can make animation to which pop-up window opens and shuts effective.



You can switch on/off of background music.
[-BGM repeat]
You can choose whether to repeat background music.
You can switch on/off of sound effects.
You can change the volume of sound effects into three kinds; Small, Medium and Big.



[Allow automatic sleep]
This enables you to set the automatic sleep.

3. Background music

Background musicYou can set background music.

[Select a BGM]
You can select a music built into this application.
[Select a playlist]
You can edit a playlist with music files in your device.

4. Background image

Background imageYou can set background image.

[Select a skin]
You can select a skin built into this application.
[change BGM when select]
A background music for your select skin is played.
[Select an image file]
You can use a image file in your device.
You can change the color and the size of the character that flows on the main screen.

5. Web

WebA web browser opens.

Screen Composition – Trend NOW! manual 1

This is a user’s manual of “Trend NOW!”

Trend NOW!

This application automatically collect some tweets of Twitter every one minute.
These tweets flow from right to left on the screen.

This is roughly composed of four parts.

  1. Setup key
  2. Main screen
  3. Comment frame
  4. Control bar

If you want to set the search keyword or the screen, use the part of setup key.
If you need to change the speed of flow tweets, operate the control bar at the bottom.

Details of each part are as follows.

1. Part of setup key

Part of setup keyThe part of setup key, at the top of the screen, serves to setup “Trend NOW!” in various functions.

(1) Keyword setting: You can search for a keyword or phrase.

(2) Setup of this application: You can setup the screen, the volume and the system.

(3) BGM: You can select a background music.

(4) Background image: You can change a background image and a color of the character.

(5) Web: You can open a web browser.

Tapping a button, each pop-up window opens.
*Click here for these details.

2. Part of main screen

Part of main screen(1) The left figure is the number of tweets already flowed; the right is not flowing yet.

(2) The access status to the Internet

(3) Here is a keyword that you are searching now. Tapping this, the keyword list (the next 4) opens. Once more, it’s closed.

(4) Here is a keyword list of searching now. Tapping this, a pop-up window of the keyword setting opens.

(5) Some tweets flow here. Tapping a tweet, it’s displayed in the comment frame.

3. Part of comment flame

Part of comment flameOnly one tweet that is flowing on the main screen is displayed here.

(1) Profile image of Twitter: Tapping this, you can see all tweets of the user on the Twitter site.

(2) Twitter account, and time that the tweet is posted

(3) Tweet: Tapping this, you can change the flame to big size. Once more, the size returns to the origin.

(4) Search keyword: Tapping this, you can do a search for the keyword by Google, Googel News, Wikipedia and Twitter. Click here for more details.

(5) NG (no-good account): If you want not to see this user’s tweets, tap this, and register as a no-good account.

4. Part of control bar

Part of control barThe control bar, at the bottom of the screen, serves to adjust the speed of flowing tweets on the main screen.

(1) Reload: This aims to reload the search keyword.

(2) Automatic display setting
Auto: A tweet that flows on the main screen is automatically displayed in the comment frame.
Manual: You can choose a tweet to display in the comment frame.

(3) Slow down: As you tap this, the flow of tweets slow.

(4) Speed: The speed of the flowing tweets is displayed here. When it is negative, the flow reverses.
Tapping this, the flow pauses. Once more, goes to start flowing again.

(5) Speed up: As you tap this, the flow speed up.